Who We Are

Our organisation is an unprecedented national alliance between universities, major hospitals, clinicians, providers, researchers and community groups.  

These experts,  leaders in their fields, came together in June 2019 to chart a way forward to transform the way people are diagnosed, treated and supported for a range of neurodevelopment conditions. 


This network became ND Australia.

We are committed to improving the health & well-being of children and families dealing with neurodevelopment conditions.


From early childhood, through the school years and into adulthood, our mission is to make sure everyone with neurodevelopment conditions - young and old - are able to live their best life.


Prof. Nadia Badawi

Cerebral Palsy Alliance,  Macquarie Group Foundation Chair of Cerebral Palsy, Medical Director and Co-Head Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care.

Prof. Mark Bellgrove

Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience.  

Director of Research at the Turner Institute For Brain and Mental Health, Monash University.

Isaac Bromley

Director Infrastructure Advisory, EY.

Prof. David Coghill

Psychiatrist, Financial Markets Foundation Chair of Developmental Health, University of Melbourn. Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

A/Prof. Michelle Farrar

Paediatric Neurologist, Sydney Children's Hospital Network (Randwick) and UNSW Sydney.

Prof. Adam Guastella

University of Sydney Child Development & Mental Health Team, Michael Crouch Chair in Child and Youth Mental Health Children’s Hospital at Westmead Clinical School and the University of Sydney.

A/Prof. Honey Heussler

Paediatrician, University of Queensland and Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service.

Prof. Christel Middeldorp

Professor in Child and Youth Psychiatry. Co-chair, Child Health Research Centre, The University of Queensland and the  Child and Youth Mental Health Service, Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service.

Prof. Elizabeth Pellicano

Department of Educational Studies,

Macquarie University

Pip Quinn
Director, ND Australia

Non-Executive Director,

National ADHD Consumer Forum.  

Prof. Nicole Rinehart

Professor in Clinical Psychology, Director of the Deakin Child Study Centre.

 Founder of AllPlay, Deakin University.

Nicole Rogerson

Director, ND Australia,

CEO Autism Awareness Australia.

Prof. Andrew Whitehouse, Angela Wright Bennett Chair in Autism Research - Telethon Kids Institute, University of Western Australia. 

Research Strategy Director of Autism CRC.


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