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Working out what people need - World-First Transdiagnostic Evaluation

We need to understand what families dealing with neurodevelopment challenges want and need from hospitals, community supports and other health services.

This project will conduct a world-first transdiagnostic neurodevelopment needs evaluation of families presenting to hospitals and interlinked services. This includes their past experiences, and their current and future interactions.

The system wide evaluation involving qualitative and quantitative information gathering will consider the following:

  • Child development needs

  • Child emotional wellbeing, social and behavioural function

  • Family health needs including parental wellbeing.

  • Hospital-based service needs

This will allow us to then map identified needs onto existing supports and activate or develop the necessary tools that families can be linked to, including the NDIS. The first steps on this project have already been taken and ND Australia has been able to leverage our expert network to turbo-charge this work to enable it to be scaled nationally.


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