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Talking About ADHD - The Guide

Talking about ADHD - World launch of a new language guide.

Knowing what to say about ADHD and why it matters.

To celebrate the start of World ADHD Awareness Month on October 1, a coalition of the country’s leading professional and consumer ADHD groups are launching a new guide to encourage the use of more positive language.

Developed by the Australian ADHD Professionals Association (AADPA) and ND Australia the guide has been

endorsed by the eminent World Federation of ADHD.

‘Talking about ADHD’ author, Lou Brown, has ADHD as does her teenage son. She wanted to create a new guide because she believes that language commonly used when talking about ADHD was harmful and negative.

“When I would hear people talking about me, and people like me, the words used - even by those with the best intentions - were often hurtful, judgemental, and disempowering.” said Ms Brown.

The easy-to-use guide takes some of the most common misconceptions and negative language used around ADHD and outlines the correct way to describe the condition or refer to people who live with ADHD.

“There’s a lot of information out there that tends to focus on our superficial symptoms which feeds into damaging stereotypes. There’s little understanding of our underlying cognitive differences.”

“Words really matter and things need to change.” said Ms Brown

ADHD Language Guide Infographic_OCT2021_ND (1)
Download PDF • 327KB

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